skip to content Intergrated Care is now available for children from the age of 2yrs, Free Nursery places available for 3year olds please contact the office on 0151 928 4991 Dont forget we do have places available for Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Club please contact us for application forms.

Our Clubs


Breakfast club

We are open for breakfast club from 7.45am(St Edmunds and St Johns) 8.00am (St Nicholas) until the children are taken to school for an 8.50 am start. The Breakfast club operates entirely from  J.E.Ts Centre, Oxford Road, for children from St Edmunds and St Johns, with St Nicholas at 8.00am holding its own Breakfast club on site. The children can freely access breakfast up until 8.30am

The children will be offered a choice of cereal, toast, yoghurts and drink and are free to choose from a range of activities which are available.



After school Club


The after school club service starts with pick up from school. For after school club we operate from 2 different sites.
For children attending St Edmunds and St Johns Schools’Children aged 3 – 11 years are based at the  J.E.Ts Centre, Oxford Road.
Children at St Nicholas have an afterschool club at St Nicholas Parish Hall, Harlech Road, Blundellsands.
Having returned from school children will be offered snack and drink and then be free to choose from a range of activities which will be made available. The staff will also provide a planned activity although children are not forced to participate.
We are open until 6pm each night.




Holiday club

During the school holidays we are also open on a daily basis from8am to 5.30pm.
The holiday club is based at J.E.Ts Centre, with access to the grounds available. There will be a range of different activities each day and regular trips arranged during the holidays.
Children can come for full or half days and are required to bring a packed lunch.


The children will find a varied range of activities related to the childs age and interest using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) please see attached forms for further information.
All activities are voluntary and no child will be forced to do anything that they do not wish to participate in.
Activities include table top games, art activities, Outdoor activities. Quiet area for reading and homework, Craft, Imaginative activities, Role pay area, Sports are Playstation and games, team games and much more…

Stay and Play from 9.15am till 11.00 on Monday Morn, and Tuesday Afternoon 1.15pm till 3.00pm
 Ju-Jitzu (outside provider) on Tuesday evening 6.00pm till 7.00pm.


A refreshment area is provided, this consists of a range of different drinks and fresh fruit, which is accessible at all, times.
When the children first arrive they will receive a healthy snack and a drink.  During the holiday club a further light snack is provided mid-session. (Snacks that are offered can be viewed on our notice boards).
During winter months we provide something warming for the children.



Wrap a round care

We offer a Wrap a round Service for St Edmunds and St Thomass Nursery School. This offers the choice for your child to be collected from the School Nursery at the sessions ending in the Morning or to Join us as J.E.Ts in the Morning to play, ready to be escorted to the School Nursery for Afternoon Sessions. If you wish to join us at Breakfast Club or Afterschool Club this can be arranged.

Intergrated Services
The Age range starts from 2yrs
Opening times for Intergrated Services is as follows for 2yrs only
 9.00am till 3.15pm
We drop off and pick up from St Edmunds Nursery for 3yr olds 
Morning drop off at nursery is 9.00pm then pick-up from nursery at 11.45am
Afternoon drop off at Nursery is 12.30 then pick -up from nursery at 3.15pm
If you require your 3yr to attend Breakfast Club and Afterschool, please contact the office.

If you child does not attend the School Nursery, we would welcome you to join us but arrangements must be made by yourselves to drop off or collect your children.
Please note that when attending the J.E.Ts this does not guarantee a place at the School Nursery, you must follow the school procedures of application.